Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dirty Girls

I don't know where to start with recounting how much fun Saturday's Dirty 6 Mud Run was. Firstly I did it with awesome running buddy Ms Lori, secondly we wore tu-tu's, thirdly it was a freakin obstacle course ending with a humongo mud trench!!!! Here we are pre-race in top prima-ballerina form, Lori has a dancing background (notice her perfect posture) so I tried to not look like a poser next to her in my fancy matching tu-tu. (Me in pink, Lori in blue) We received a ridiculous amount of compliments, now I know why so many little girls are uncompromising when it comes to their tu-tu's, because they are FREAKIN AWESOME! Seriously.
So the race started and we were off to run 6 miles, we are a good pace match so we were able to keep together and still kick arse on the course. This was very important because I know there were many people out there that day thinking "there is no way I'm letting some tu-tu wearin prissy girl beat me". Well we came in before 518 of those people and considering only 662 people were out there, that is pretty good. Some of the obstacles took a while to get through, and some of the runners out there skipped by them for a faster time, well we got our time fair and square thank you very much. There were 2 slip-n-slides, 2 obstacle inflatable bounce house type thingies, a few big dirt hills, a shallow river crossing, major hose spray, and the piest de la resistance, a ginormous mud pit waiting for us at the end.
My only regret is that I did not enter the mud pit with more flare. I did a snazzy jump, but in preparation for next time I want to have Lori show me some real leaping ballerina type moves, cause I will be doing events like this again no doubt.
Head to toe and everywhere else muddy

This was just stupid delirious fun. It's a shame we didn't get pics before we hosed off, we hardly look dirty in the after pics.

I suppose I should care that I am 31, I may be getting a bit old for this silly fun. Honestly I really don't care and I swear that I will never give up the tu-tu. Plus it was really cool to hear kids in the crowd yelling "ballerina's, I saw ballerina's".