Friday, July 17, 2009

Why haven't I been making poofy sleeves all along... the question I am asking myself today. Poofy sleeves are far superior to regular shirt sleeves in regard to dresses, and easier to make. (I had a flat on my face duh' moment when I realized this)
I have been de/reconstructing tee shirts into little girl dresses for at least a year now, and with every dress I figure out new little tweaks. Recently there has been a sports theme. Madeline has been attending the Sunday D-Backs home games with daddy, we signed her up for the No Chew Crew. The Crew is a kids club with neat perks, one of the perks is a shirt:
This had to be changed! It is a great tee, but not for my 3 year old daughter. I cut the in shirt in half above "say NO to spit tobacco", removed the sleeves, took everything in about 4 inches, angled the bottom piece for a little kick, re-attached the sleeves gathering the excess fabric at the shoulder to make them POOFY (kicking self for not doing this on previous dresses), some sewing together and voila! Much better.
thrilling poofy sleeves from back,
I turned the "say NO to spit tobacco" part around, how cute on the tush!
And indeed, we will say no to spit tobacco.
A friend had me do the same to some shirts for her daughter who will only wear dresses. Now I neglected to get before shots of the shirts so I found some similar type shirts on-line.
This dress started out as a child size UofA shirt, much like this:
Same formula as other dresses but had to add some fabric for length
It's cute on little miss funny face!

This one posed a challenge, I began with a large men's technical sports fabric shirt shaped like this.

I really was prepared to junk the whole project but it came together quite well! Love fun surprises.

The neckline would have been awkward on a little girl so I cut it off, improvising a new neckline. Flutter sleeves, whee!
She will be the most darling Cardinal's fan in all the land.

Below is a fun dress for Madeline, I found a cool peace sign tee with promise and ended up with this:
I added some fabric to the middle for length and made some seams external for funkiness. Like and good mother would do for her daughter I cropped Mad's face from above shot, the dress looks good but sweet-pea did not. This is why a bunch of my dress pictures are on hangers, funny face appears to be a trend.
Now I will post funny face without hesitation as I believe the intention of the 'model' is premeditated. Back to the dress, also made the tush darling'er.
I'll get a tutorial up if anyone is interested, just let me know!