Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bubble Run Race Report?

Clearly not the average race report, but running with kiddos is on par if not 'sur' par (yeah I took Latin, pun intended) to what feeds me on the trails. In preparation for the run my kids and I strategically placed our fake tattoo's, Madeline and I painted our nails in bubble colors, and Max had a wanderlust sense of imagining a jungle of bubbles to fight through. Soul food and soul fed.

I am lucky enough to be employed by a running store that not only is a family but is willing to work with the nuts-o schedule I present to them. Because of them I am able to participate in events like the Bubble Run. I have a hard time justifying spending $ I don't really have on a non-local large scale run--although they do support local charities in every city they set-up in--it's no Team Chances event, London's run, Maggie's Place, or Ryan's House.

The new trending pattern of novelty runs is a love/hate thing for me, I love that they incorporate so many people that otherwise might not be participating in a 5K, but from a running background...where did my 5K go? Other than the USATF and Mountain to Fountain there are few runs left where we just show up and run without tu-tu's and neon crap, I exaggerate a bit to make a point.

I'm torn, so I'll step off the soap box and share another fun race prep tradition.   The kids received youth large shirts for the event, I stuck one of Max's shirts in the pic for size comparison, and Max is still swimming in the navy tee, let's just say my kids are not brawny but rhymes with....

I altered the shirts so the kiddo's would not have to swim in them. Yay for flutter sleeves and cutie dresses on little girls! I used the extra length in Max's tee to add some length in the middle of Madeline's dress.

Kids stoked at 6:15 am!

get outta the....fine, stand in the puddle! The attraction to puddles is innate, resistance is futile

introduction of bubbles at the start, mom is hoping the excitement maintains for the 5K to come

YEAH!!!!! awesomeness basically--I'm going to tell this story with pictures

a rest at the 2.5K mark, I'm easing these little legs into my future running buddies 'muhahaha'

 a color bubble station at each K mark, below is evidence of a thorough saturation of each color

clean finish

bubble boots!

height plays and advantage to staying cleanish in this event

Kids were stoked, the pictures say it all. Thank you Bubble run for an event that was well organized and crazy fun for me and my chickens. 

On a race report note, I would recommend this event to anyone with littles, the cost is high, I think age 6 and under is free but $40 an entry can get pretty spendy. The terrain, technicality, and distance, the views of my kiddos laughing their butts off was beautiful, and it was serious good fun. Now I need to get these little running buddies back in the dirt.