Sunday, March 30, 2014

No Budget Low Budget Music Video

It's 8:17pm, as I write this I can hear the kids in bed wavering between love and hate. At points I think it's a fight I need to intervene on.....and then I realize they are making their stuffed animals argue, and it's heated.

The stuffed animal crew, or as we call them 'lovies' are part of the family. So much so that the worst repercussion of naughtiness in the home is not the loss of a toy, or time out, or even loss of privilege, but a lovie having to spend the night ALONE and LONELY in mommies closet of doom. I raised highly emphatic children apparently (message being your bad choices affect others, and don't eff with mom).

So one of our dorkus family activities is making up songs on demand about whatever, some more notable than others. This music video has a few roots, first, I made a flat-ish teddy for Madeline before she was born, its a brown velvet bear made of two pieces, a front and a back. No face, no tail, no butt. Mads always thought it was weird and gave it to Max, whom Max took in with open arms and named "Silly Billy" as he truly is quite silly indeed.

So, when asked to improv a song about Silly Billy I was immediately reminded of the Pixies La La Love You as Silly Billy likes to shake his butt, but in all honesty, he does not know which side his butt is on.

Once again the Pixies live up to their reputation of being the most inspiring alt-rock band of all time.

Side note, we made this low key and terrible, thus any future lovie videos will be improvements, setting the bar nice and low. Plus the kids are happy and that passes my QC.

Set to the tune of Dick Dale and his Del-Tones Surfing Drums
Heeeeres Silly Billy and his El-Heinies performing Silly Billy Shake your Butt