Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is a post to convey my intentions. I intended to upload a clip of Max walking his cute little toddely first steps, but ugh, the file is to big and I don't feel like editing right now. The easiest way around this problem is for me to remember to get a shorter clip of him walking tomorrow and actually upload it, stay tuned, hopefully I will make good on this.

So this is our news, Max walks 90% and is an incredible climber. In fact he is a stealth climber. I swear I watch my children but Max has proven capable of scaling the dining table in the time it takes to wash a tomato.

Madeline used an unsavory choice word the other day, twice. This is super unfortunate as I, like any parent really try to keep my language clean around the kids--and I don't use bawdy language much to begin with. So anyways it was clear where she picked up her word. In a hurry to get out the door before the alarm timed out, I was holding Max, trying to locate keys in my purse, dropping/picking up sippy cups, and trying to get Madeline to decide on a pair of shoes AND put them on. So my purse slipped off my arm, Max was squirming, and I was frustrated that Mad had not gotten her shoes on yet. I said (not intending to finish the phrase) OHhh.... and little Miss Mad finished my phrase with a word of caliber. "What did you just say?" said I. " -uc-, I can't find my shoe" said Miss Madeline Belle Redlich. Her use of the word was so casual that I could hardly stay serious, "how about we don't use that word any more?" I said looking away trying to stifle laughter. Madeline agreed, found her shoe, and we left the house in much better spirits.

Also notable, and probably more notable but less entertaining than our 'word' story, Madeline is a really great little three year old swimmer. This brings me back to where I began this post. I have intentions to get some footage of her swimming up here as well.

Update 6/30/09