Monday, June 1, 2009

Yee Haw Cowgirl

Rustler's Rooste is one of the funnest restaurants around, and though I am not a big fan of the menu, I am a serious fan of fun. We prepped Madeline by talking about the 'Cowgirl restaurant' all day, so she was excited for the jamboree come chow time. On the way in she met Mr. Bull, he probably has a real name on a sign somewhere but he was smelling something awful so we had to skedaddle into the restaurant.

The highlight of the place is a slide to the lower dining area (there is also a stair option for wusses). This slide is nuts, it's freaky fast.

After going down the slide nearly 20 times Miss Mad tried to go down cross-legged for style points and royally ate it, poor kid. And yes we tried to stop her, but this slide is a friggin rocket launcher, it was all we could do to to catch her headfirst and upside down at the bottom!

At the table the kids got horns, appropriate no?

We splurged and got Madeline the balloon flower.

Dancing to the house band...

Ice Cream, sooo yummy and sooo cold...

Nights like this remind me of why I love AZ, this particular sunset is not so special but the view is still something else.