Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you have a little girl chances are you are familiar with the book Pinkalicious. Well, today we hosted a Pinkalicious themed party. In all honesty I validated this party as practice. In a few weeks I will be helping with my niece's Pinkalicious b-day party, and that my friends will be something else (If you have ever been to an event hosted by my sis you know what I am talking about). Not that we ever need a reason to party at my house, anyways back to today.

Look, pink threw-up in my house.

The girls all showed up looking darling in head to toe pink. We started off with tiara decorating, to be fair I had pirate hats for the little brothers to festoon.

Out back was water play, some played with squirt toys, others stationed themselves at the water table, and still others took a refreshing dip in the pool...

....seriously, there were 7 happy little kids crammed in there at one point. Thank heaven the sea monkeys are still young enough to appreciate backyard fun on a tight budget.

The kids decorated pink cupcakes, or rather created a collective sprinkle explosion.

This is what I learned from my practice party:

1-10 kids actually fit in my house so I can continue to host random parties (hooray)
2-I need to take more/better pictures
3-Three year olds don't care that much about decorations (but I do, in fact I left them up in spite of Mark's disapproval)
4-The backyard is surprisingly more fun than I thought it was

Now to prepare for my niece Tabitha's Pinkalicious part II.....