Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movin On Up!

Last Thursday we celebrated all the kids in Madeline's pre-K school. They each 'graduated' from their respective class and will be moving up a 'grade' in the coming school year. Madeline ended her 2's class with honors and we expect the same of her when she begins the 3's class this fall.

(Madeline is 1st row, 4th in from left if you don't count the kid being held)

She loves her pals Casey and Abby, notice the sweet hand-holding!

Each class presented a thoroughly rehearsed performance. Madeline's class did a choreographed song and dance about moving up to the 3's class.

It was flawless, perfection even, not one child was out of sync.

Our awesome teacher Miss Mindy troubleshooted any miss-steps in the performance by having the children wear sunglasses. The reasoning here is that sunglasses are distracting to the audience on account of viewers not being able to get past how darn cool the kids look. The woman is genius, we love our Miss Mindy and and can't thank her enough for everything she taught Madeline this past school year (sniff).

BTW, notice the similarity between her blue dress and these , versatility people, it's what I do.