Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On May 1st our little Mr. Moo turned one whole year old. Undoubtedly that past year went by way to fast. Max is starting to say mama, dada, up, and bye. He is silly and always smiling, he cracks himself up clapping, is almost walking, and is my darling boy. We had a family party with a robot theme, this is the unbustible pinata.

I really thought I was clever and had left some weak seams when making Robotra (named by cousin Rex). Robotra was unconquerable. Bless them, the children all gave him a good whacking, eventually the bat was passed to uncle Dale. Much to our surprise uncle Dale was no match for Robotra. We intervened when it started to get ugly and peeled some duct tape back, Dale then thrashed the candy bot. Yes, yes, I now know that duct tape and pinatas should not be mixed.
On to presents, the kids all pitched in and helped Max open his gifts,

Such a cutie!
Robot cake for Max!
he got a kick out of the song...

...we lopped off the robot head for Max to 'enjoy'
Honestly it was a bit disappointing, he smooshed it up real good but hardly ate a bite. He is so much like Mark, look at the 'mess' after the hunk of the cake was removed from his tray.
Not kidding, he was probably the cleanest kid there.
So Happy Birthday Mr. Maxy Moodles, we love you Doodley Doo!