Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just Like June

This dress is a result of my laziness, in the afternoons I have been known to let Madeline watch her Little Einsteins DVDs repeatedly. Because of this she has developed an obsession with everything Rocket, namely June and her pretty purple dancing dress. Anywhoodle, I was thinking it would be really fun to make Madeline a pretty purple dancing dress of her very own. Naturally I took some creative liberty to change the dress a bit and add some pattern. We can't have Madeline and June looking like Frick and Frack!

Check out the top model pose, Tyra would call her "fierce" and praise her for the direct yet coy gaze, though Tyra would probably advise her to have the teddy bear tattoo removed.

Now the action sequence:


Wheee! Looks like fun eh? Makes me wish I had a pretty purple dancing dress and giant couch to throw myself on as well.