Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not quite but cute nonetheless

About a year ago I made this dress for my niece, it was one of those "OMG it's So CUTE" moments when I finished it.

I really loved it and always intended to make one for Madeline. Honestly if I was 7 years younger I would make one for myself in a heartbeat, I'd exchange the Hello Kitty beater for one more 'mature'. Maybe a dark gray one with some crochet detail and a yellow/dusty plum tulle skirt. Yes, I have thought this through and yes, I really would have worn this, and you would have secretly wanted one of your own.
Back to the point.
OK, this dress did not turn out exactly how I planned but it's darn cute and now I know what to change the next time I attempt this.

While perusing the local Target I spotted this pink tie-dye beater in the girls section. Tie-dye is one of those things that I love but would never be comfortable wearing myself, thus I dress my kids in as much tie-dye as possible. The beater part is spot on for this project but I don't think I used enough tulle for the skirt, it should be poofier no? I also need to add elastic at the seam where it attaches to the beater, it's not going to fit Mad's tush for much longer.

The back:

That day Madeline's preschool class gave us a performance, they were stirring soup for Shabbat.. in a pot.. to keep it hot. They stood in front of the school stirring their pots. Very, very cute, they all forgot to sing the song so thankfully there was a cd playing in the background to cue us in on their motivation. Kudos to the teachers, it was a dramatic improvement from the last class performance which was basically the teachers desperately trying to maintain the kids in the same area.

Over the course of the day the dress stretched and grew progressively longer, definitely should have put elastic in there. I will find a reason to re-make this soon, it's such a pretty concept. On the plus side, I now know how to make a very simple mermaid costume.
And on a totally unrelated note, Max is cute.