Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally Running Again!

... not that I ever stopped, but Team chances training is back in full swing! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. This is my 3rd year running with Team Chances and my 3rd marathon as well. I love my team. This is why I am punch drunk giddy:

1-Team Chances supports an AWESOME local charity (Chances for Children). I actually get to 'work' directly with valley kids, so cool.

2-Inspiring coaches that push us to be better runners and better people, it's better than therapy!

3-Great people to train with, which by the way is a necessity for 15+ mile workouts.

I find it really hard to condense each of those points into 3 brief statements when really I could blabber on and on and on, though if you know me you have already heard me blabber on and on about how much I love this group and charity so I will spare you dear reader.

This picture is from Team Chances 1st year (2007-2008) at an elementary school we were able to become involved with. A bunch of us had just spent the afternoon running with the entire 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades as well as fitting the kids with NEW Nike sneakers. A seriously great day for everyone. We continue to work with this school putting on family fitness nights and other events.
We have come a long way, this is just one of the elementary schools we were able to initiate a Fit-Kids program at. Last year through fund-raising and volunteers Team Chances was able to provide some seriously awesome resources for kids. Check out the impact that we made last year:
  • 3983 race entries for kids
  • 1810 kids running
  • 1400 pairs of shoes purchased for kids
  • More than 40,000 miles run
  • 200 pedometers purchased for kids
  • 200 fitness journals used by kids
  • 313 Summer swim passes purchased for kids
  • 911 two-week sessions of swimming lessons purchased for kids

This is me and my niece at a Fit-Kids one mile race put on by Chances for Children last yearThe full story of how great this day was is on my sisters blog here.

Sooooooo, fundraising is a huge part of helping Chances for Children provide fitness training, nutrition programs, and educational services for underprivileged kids. Just in case you didn't get my e-mail, I have a donation page set up at
I am so proud to be part of this charity. Because it is a grassroots type charity, every penny you donate goes to helping kids. I know money is tight everywhere but seriously, if you can spare $10, it can help! (if you want to help but would rather send a check, make it out to Chances for Children and e-mail me for my mailing address) --If you are able to donate $100+ I will make you an original madebymagi plush monster creature!
I have been a runner my entire life, and I have trained for many races on my own. Personally I have never gotten as much satisfaction and enjoyment from running as I have with Team Chances. This program gives running a greater purpose.