Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Boom

It has been a layette madness on my sewing table recently. I realize that the Valley of the Sun is one of the baby capitals of the universe but I'm starting to think there really may be something in the water. I have used all my knocked-up pals as an excuse to contribute more cuteness to the world.
Sewing baby stuff is really fun for a few reasons, firstly, quick results when you are sewing on a small scale, as I have little time (or patience) for big projects these days. Secondly, stuff is just so cute when it's teeny and wee. Thirdly, I am done having kids with a capital D, but I will never tire of sewing baby stuff, so thanks to all you preggers out there for giving me a productive alternative to homework and housework.
Here is what I can show you so far,

Burp cloths
Hooter Hider, Knocker Blocker, Ta-Ta Tent, Boobie Blankie etc...
Spiffed up some plain onesies
The tooshies too
more onesies
with tooshies of course
Shirt and pants combo
My favorite
There is more but I don't want to spoil any one's gift!