Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anticipation of part 2

Having a mom and a sister that are professional photographers has perks.

Five years ago my mom, Corinne Geertsen, and I staged a photo shoot playing with angles, bends, and image manipulation. We created a book with these images and have been brainstorming since as to what our next collaboration will be. In the time that has past Corinne has become a Photoshop guru. She compiles images of "wonder and quirk": her website. This means we can rally our most creative and bizarre ideas and bring them to fruition. We are thrilled to pull this off with the new tools in our kit, totally thrilled! The photo shoot is finally ready to start, meanwhile the below images are from the last collaboration. Corinne has become such a skilled artist that these images look very basic and freshman in comparison to her current works. I have a ton of ideas and am so completely excited to take this project on! (Hopefully she can smooth out the swollen knee I crushed on last nights run.) Time to start stretching out the runner quads.