Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, the great ones never go unnoticed!

The man I saw on the canal pushing a jogging stroller, this man is a sexy beast. His appeal did not stem from physique, apparel, looks or pace, it was the baby jogger that caught my eye. The ripped super-fit athlete who blew past him, that guy is just some dude. My stereotype for the dad with the baby jogger, this is a mature male, meaning a man. He has taken on the care for another human being, its simple dad stuff but it is also the recipe for a sexy beast. Upon taking care of the wee pooper in the baby jogger this dad has assumed a role that requires goal making, financial responsibility, enduring love, kindness, devotion and an enhanced sense of humor, the basics to being a good dad. All major traits consistent with masculinity and attractiveness. The fit tan fast dude at the peak of whatever his game may be....I see this guy as selfish with his time. I picture him blowing 1/3 of his paycheck on gear, events, and coaching, hopefully he can afford it without putting his family out.

I don't really know the sexy beast or the dude, and I realize the running dude may be huge philanthropist and the dad may be a compulsive gambler and a drunk, but this is what I imagine.

Basically to all you dads out there, you can bet that your level of sexy beast-ness tripled the second you turned from dude to a dad. It happened the very second you made the choice to not be a dude, or even dude with a kid, but made the conscious decision man-up and fill the shoes of a father. Happy Father's Day Men!

Hey you in the mom-jeans, you are a sexy beast.
You see her in the aisle at the grocery store, at the take-out counter in the local pizza place, and at every school car wash fundraiser. You do not see her leaving a salon, enjoying happy hour with girlfriends, or at the movie theater seeing her movie of choice. This woman is generally nondescript. Her jeans (and she is always wearing jeans) never fit quite right and are of that strange capri length that falls somewhere between the knee and the calf. Her hair is also a not quite right length falling somewhere between her ears and chin. You never notice her shirt as it is a basic tee and her shoes are always practical.

This woman is educated, and as practical as her footwear. I don't know her but I stereotype her. I imagine her to be a financial genius, her stupid pants say to me "I have a savings account for my child's college education and my vacation to New Zealand, Bali, Tour of the Amazon etc... when said child leaves for college." Her oddly shaped hair-do reflects the time she puts into actually preparing nourishing meals consistently for her tribe. There is nothing trendy about this woman, but she embodies the value of commitment to goals with long term payoff. Instead of splurging on the many, many, many things that women tend to splurge on (clothing, trendy home decor, bags, more clothing), she will be able to travel well and often once the kids are off to college. She has not lost her personal identity, she has just grown beyond flaunting it. Perhaps she is a world known internet resource and expert for her obscure niche in geology. She is a sexy beast.

So hooray for the great people that make great parents, my sister and I come from two of the finest examples.